Nannilam Rajagopala Ganapatigal


F A Q Vedas and Sastras


Nannilam Rajagopala Ganapatigal


  1. What is the basic authority (pramana) for Hindu religion and philosophy?

  2. What is the meaning of the word Veda?

  3. Is there any other name for Veda?

  4. What is the meaning of the word Sruti?

  5. Are Vedas known by any other names, apart from Sruti?

  6. What is the meaning of the words - Nigama and Amnaya?

  7. Who composed the Vedas?

  8. How many Vedas are there?

  9. How do you explain that the Vedas have not been authored by anybody; including God?

  10. Who divided the Vedas into four, as stated above?

  11. On what basis did Vyasa divide the Vedas into four?

  12. What are the names of these four persons (Ritviks)? How are they connected with the four Vedas?

  13. What do the Mantras talk about?

  14. Are these mantras in prose form or poetry form?

  15. Please explain the other part, namely Brahmana.

  16. How are the Brahmanas divided?

  17. What do these talk about?

  18. What is the relative importance of these different portions?

  19. What is the meaning of the word Sastra?

  20. What are the Sastras?

  21. What are Samhita and Aranyaka. ?

  22. Why are Upanishads called Jnana Kanda or Brahma Kanda?

  23. What is the difference between Brahma and Brahman? Are both the same?

  24. Talking about Upanishads, how many Upanishads are there?

  25. What are the ten Upanishads?

  26. Are there any other important and accepted Upanishads?

  27. From which of the Vedas do these Upanishads come?

  28. What are the Angas or subsidiaries of the Vedas?

  29. Can you tell me what the six Veda Angas talk about?

  30. How are these six Vedangas divided?

  31. After the Vedas and Vedangas, what are the important texts or authorities for us?

  32. How many Smritis are there?

  33. What do thse Smritis talk about?

  34. What are Itihasas?

  35. Are they considered very sacred?

  36. How many Puranas are there?

  37. Please tell me the Puranas that fall in these three groups.

  38. How do yor accept these as authorities or Pramana?

  39. What are Agamas?

  40. How are the Agamas divided?

  41. What are the Vaishnava Agamas?

  42. Which Agamas do our Vaishnavite temples follow?

  43. Why is Vaikhanasa Agama so called?

  44. Why is Pancharatra Agama so called?

  45. How are these Pancharatra Agamas divided?

  46. What are these Samhitas?

  47. What is Mimamsa?

  48. What is Karma Mimamsa?

  49. What is Brahma Mimamsa?

  50. What is the importance of Brahma Sutra?

  51. Who have written commentaries on Brahma Sutra?

  52. How many chapters are there in the Brahma Sutra?

  53. Please tell me, broadly, the contents of the four chapters of the Brahma Sutra.

  54. What are the most important texts or books which explain the vedanta philosophy?

  55. Which is the most important potion in the Vedas?

  56. Which is the most important Smriti?

  57. What about the Puranas? Which is considered the most important?

  58. Which is the most important portion in the Mahabharata?

  59. What are the various systems of philosophy?

  60. What is the Nasthika School?

  61. What is the Astika School?

  62. What are the various systems of philosophy coming under the Nastika School?

  63. What are the systems coming under Astika School?

  64. What is the Vedantic system of philosophy?

  65. What are the other systems of philosophy?

  66. Who propounded these systems of philosophy?


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